Introducing ‘LMA On ATL’: A Growing Trove Of Marketing And Biz Dev Insight

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Amid the crush of client work, is your firm driving impactful content marketing? (Partial credit if you know what “content marketing” is.)

Are you joining the trend of the strategic sales initiative? Leveraging AI in creating new associate bios?

In today’s era of rapid change, staying on the cutting edge is critical to a law firm’s business success.

That’s why we’re partnering with the Legal Marketing Association on a new channel — “LMA on ATL” — to help law firm professionals keep pace with rapid and ongoing advancements in business development, marketing, communications, and client service.  

To kick it off this week, we’ll be sharing insights from the Legal Marketing Association’s flagship annual conference in San Diego.

Then, in partnership with the LMA, we’ll be bringing you guidance from the top voices in legal business development and marketing throughout the year. 

Stay tuned to this channel for more, and feel free to enter your email below to subscribe to our forthcoming newsletter. Your clients and bottom line will thank you. 

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