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Record Houses 2023

The 2023 edition of Record Houses features eight impressive projects that showcase varied forms, nimble responses to landscape, and feats of craft.

logo.png  By IG  Apr 3, 2023

Heatherwick Studio Reveals Design for Its First Public Library in Columbia, Maryland

Featuring a series of planted terraces, the design of the lakefront facility pays homage to legendary developer James Rouse. 

logo.png  By IG  Apr 1, 2023

Meeting the Unique Challenges of Merging Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

The growing trend in blended spaces requires innovative solutions engineered specifically to address practical and aesthetic demands for the point where inside and outside meet.

logo.png  By IG  Apr 1, 2023

Building Sustainably

Professor Terri Meyer Boake, engineer Ahmad Rahimian, and architect Jason Smith describe how more than ever, sustainability is helping advance the built world.

logo.png  By IG  Apr 1, 2023