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Meeting the Unique Challenges of Merging Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

The growing trend in blended spaces requires innovative solutions engineered specifically to address practical and aesthetic demands for the point where inside and outside meet.

logo.png  By IG  Apr 1, 2023

Building Sustainably

Professor Terri Meyer Boake, engineer Ahmad Rahimian, and architect Jason Smith describe how more than ever, sustainability is helping advance the built world.

logo.png  By IG  Apr 1, 2023

Three Examples of How Material Selection can Create a More Comfortable and Sustainable Built Environment

The converging demands of aesthetics, performance, sustainability, and occupant experience today are simply the price of entry into creating for the built environment.

logo.png  By IG  Apr 1, 2023

New Roofing Products for Spring 2023

These materials and systems will boost performance and versatility.

logo.png  By IG  Mar 31, 2023