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Larry David Buys $5.7 Million French Normandy-Style Cottage in Montecito

The Curb Your Enthusiasm creator’s new property was designed by George Washington Smith

logo.png  By IG  Feb 25, 2022

Architect Greta Ferušić, Survivor of Auschwitz and the Sarajevo Siege, Dies at 97

Born in 1924 to a Jewish family in northern Serbia, Ferušić enrolled in architecture school less than two years after her liberation from Auschwitz and would become the first female dean at the University of Sarajevo’s architect

logo.png  By IG  Feb 24, 2022

Nature Becomes a Collaborator at Neri Oxman's New Exhibition

In a time when building construction is contributing to multiple global crises, the American-Israeli designer posits that nature has much to teach us.

logo.png  By IG  Feb 24, 2022

Architectural Billings Score Holds

The slow in architectural billings is likely due to ongoing staffing constraints and supply-chain related delays in the construction sector.

logo.png  By IG  Feb 24, 2022