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Etsy’s Trend Predictions for 2022 Are Full of Vibrance and Nostalgia

A sneak peek at what we’ll be shopping in the coming months

logo.png  By IG  Dec 30, 2021

Ugly Home Gyms, Be Gone—Designer-Approved Equipment Is Here to Stay

With home and hybrid workouts here for the long haul, homeowners are turning to designers to find great equipment they can live with (and love)

logo.png  By IG  Dec 29, 2021

The 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Real Estate Transactions of 2021

Do you recall who sold their East Hampton estate for a whopping $85 million this year?

logo.png  By IG  Dec 28, 2021

LEGO Sets Are Better Investments than Stocks, Bonds or Even Gold

A new study by Russian researchers reveals the colorful building blocks offer far greater returns than many conventional assets

logo.png  By IG  Dec 28, 2021