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Exclusive Look at Pittsburgh's Tree of Life Building Redesign by Daniel Libeskind

After the mass murder in October 2018, the inimitable architect spent months speaking with survivors and victims’ families before drafting his design

logo.png  By IG  May 4, 2022

Continuing Education: 3-D-Printed Houses

This technology promises to produce high-quality, customizable, and quickly produced houses across the economic spectrum.

logo.png  By IG  May 3, 2022

The Post Pandemic Office

Architects and their clients are reimagining the workplace with more flexible and humane environments.

logo.png  By IG  May 3, 2022

Willis Tower Transformation by Gensler

Gensler builds a complementary new base for SOM’s famed Willis Tower.

logo.png  By IG  May 3, 2022