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Chevron deference at stake in fight over payments for hospital drugs

How much should we pay for drugs? That’s the question at the center of American Hospital Association v. Becerra, a sleeper of a case involving billions of dollars in federal spending and a chance to reshape two doctrines at the heart of administrative law

logo.png  By IG  Nov 30, 2021

Roe, Dobbs, and the current state of abortion access

In advance of Wednesday’s oral argument in the momentous abortion case, Shefali Luthra, a gender and health care reporter for The 19th, joins SCOTUStalk to describe what abortion access in Mississippi looks like on the ground and how the court’

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Court to consider emotional distress damages under anti-discrimination laws

Cummings v. Premier Rehab Keller, P.L.L.C., which the Supreme Court will hear on Tuesday, is about the types of remedies that plaintiffs may recover when they prove violations of certain federal anti-discrimination laws — in particular, whether such plain

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