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The 800-pound gorilla

UCLA election law professor Richard Hasen joins Amy to explain Moore v. Harper, the case in which North Carolina legislators ask the justices to consider a theory that would give state legislatures near complete power to regulate federal electio

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Conservative justices seem poised to side with web designer who opposes same-sex marriage

The Supreme Court heard oral argument on Monday in the case of Lorie Smith, a website designer and devout Christian who wants to expand her business to include wedding websites – but only for opposite-sex couples. Smith is challenging a Colorado law that

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“Scenes with Santa” and online-dating inquiries at the 303 Creative argument

A View from the Courtroom is an occasional series offering an inside look at oral arguments and opinion announcements unfolding in real time. It’s the last week of arguments before the holiday break, and the court has the big wedding website case tod

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