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Presidential court commission approves final report, identifying disagreement on expansion

President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court commission voted unanimously on Tuesday evening to submit a report that describes various proposals for reforming the court but takes no position on the most controversial ideas. The final report identifies “considerabl

logo.png  By IG  Dec 9, 2021

Justices get imaginative in dispute over attempted robbery and “crimes of violence”

Mind-reading police officers, guns made of marshmallows, and a Woody Allen mockumentary all made rhetorical appearances during Tuesday’s argument in United States v. Taylor, a case about how to define a violent crime. But after 90 minutes of debate, none

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Conservative justices scoff at Maine’s exclusion of religious schools from tuition-assistance program

The Supreme Court heard oral argument on Wednesday in a challenge to a Maine program that pays tuition for some students to attend private school when their own school district does not operate a public secondary school. Two Maine couples argue that the s

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