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Morning Docket: 12.31.21 – The Finale

* Lifestyles of the Rich and the Armed — they've got mansions and you ought not rob them. [Daily Caller] * Colorado Governor pardons a grip of folks convicted of weed possession. We should have legalized and decrim'd blunts years ago, but a start is a sta

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Roberts to Congress on court reforms: We’re on it

Chief Justice John Roberts began his 2021 year-end report, as he so often does, with an anecdote from history to set the stage. But by the end of the first page, the message of Roberts’ report, which he released as usual on the final day... The post Rober

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The lives they lived and the court they shaped: Remembering those we lost in 2021

The first Black woman to clerk on the Supreme Court. Two trailblazing civil-rights litigators. The unofficial barber of the justices. The woman who argued Roe v. Wade just a few years out of law school. These were among the lives lost in 2021. As we... Th

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The 10 Legal Tech Trends That Defined 2021

Coming off the accelerated innovation of 2020, 2021 seemed to leave us wondering how best to build on those changes over the long haul. The post The 10 Legal Tech Trends That Defined 2021 appeared first on Above the Law.

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