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Government power, from federal agencies to counties, highlights January session

The justices returned to the bench on Jan. 8 for a packed session of oral arguments – starting with immigration policy and the post-9/11 “No Fly List” and ending on Jan. 17 with two cases that could upend the functional power of the federal administrative

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The morning read for Tuesday, January 9

The court will hear oral argument this morning in Sheetz v. County of El Dorado, California and Office of the U.S. Trustee v. John Q. Hammons Fall 2006, LLC. Each weekday, we select a short list of news articles, commentary, and other noteworthy links rel

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Justices to hear cross-examination dispute over drug analyst’s testimony

Jason Smith claims that when an expert witness testified in Arizona’s drug possession case against him using drug analysis performed by a former state employee, it violated his constitutional rights. The Supreme Court will hear oral argument on Wednesday

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The 14th Amendment, Nixon, And China

The Supreme Court could in good faith rule either way on the merits of Trump's eligibility. The post The 14th Amendment, Nixon, And China appeared first on Above the Law.

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