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Justices take up abortion case pitting state against federal law

The Supreme Court on Friday afternoon granted a request from Idaho and the state’s Republican-controlled legislature to temporarily put on hold a ruling by a federal district court that would require emergency rooms in the state to provide abortions to pr

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Is This A Courtroom Or A Wrestling Ring? — See Also

Gavels Don't Protect Against Defendant Lunges: This judge may want to install a plexiglass barrier. Trump Lawyers Bait Motions Against Motions: This probably won't go well for them. Not Very Free Speech Of You, Elon: SpaceX employees fired for sharing the

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Morning Docket: 01.05.24

* NYC sues the bus companies for participating in the human trafficking regime that Texas is running. A more significant trafficking development than the slight record change in the Epstein case and literally getting a fraction of the coverage. [Reuters]

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