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Live, but not livestreamed, opinion announcements return

A View from the Courtroom is an occasional series offering an inside look at oral arguments and opinion announcements unfolding in real time. The Supreme Court on Monday issued its first opinion announcements from the bench since the COVID-19 pandemi

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In veterans’ benefits case, court says Congress chose a firm rule over a flexible standard

In its first opinion of the 2022-23 term, the Supreme Court unanimously held on Monday that a one-year timeframe for military veterans to apply for retroactive disability benefits is a firm deadline that cannot be extended under a doctrine known as “equit

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Justices request federal government’s views on Texas and Florida social-media laws

The Supreme Court on Monday asked the Biden administration for its views on a pair of controversial social-media laws enacted in Texas and Florida. Passed in response to beliefs that social-media platforms were censoring their users, particularly those ex

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Announcement of orders and opinions for Monday, Jan. 23

On Monday, Jan. 23, we will be live blogging as the court releases orders from the Jan. 20 conference and opinions in one or more argued cases from the current term. Click here for a list of FAQs about opinion announcements.  The post Announcem

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