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In New York bid-rigging case, justices are dubious of the “right to control” theory of fraud

The Supreme Court heard oral argument on Monday in the case of Louis Ciminelli, an executive convicted of federal wire fraud in connection with bid-rigging to secure a $750 million New York state contract. The trial court informed a federal jury regarding

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Former aide to Andrew Cuomo wants court to narrow scope of federal bribery law

The Supreme Court will hear oral argument on Monday in the latest in a series of cases involving the reach of federal public-corruption laws. The question before the justices in Percoco v. United States is whether an individual can be convicted of violati

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A sharp business deal or a federal crime? Justices will review what counts as fraud in government contracting.

Over the past 40 years, the Supreme Court has repeatedly expressed concern about the breadth of federal criminal prosecutions under the mail and wire fraud laws. The court’s decisions have narrowed the scope of federal power, particularly in recognizing t

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Wishing A Very Happy Thanksgiving To Our Advertisers

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