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Biden reiterates promise to nominate a Black woman, lauds Breyer as “model public servant”

Justice Stephen Breyer on Thursday confirmed news reports indicating that he intends to retire from the Supreme Court. In a brief letter to President Joe Biden, the 83-year-old Breyer wrote that he plans to step down from the court at the end of the curre

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At Thursday’s White House announcement, echoes of a ceremony 28 years prior

The justice, in his 80s, had served on the Supreme Court for well over two decades, becoming a liberal stalwart on such issues as abortion rights, affirmative action, and opposition to the death penalty. The Democratic president was in his second year in

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Court green-lights Alabama execution in 5-4 ruling that reverses two lower courts

A divided Supreme Court on Thursday evening allowed Alabama to execute a man who argued that the state had failed to give him proper accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act so that he could select his method of execution. In doing so, the

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