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Google Removed Tags on Ukrainian Google Maps After Users Said They May Have Been Used To Coordinate Russian Air Strikes

Ukrainian-language accounts claimed edits targeted gas stations, schools, and hospitals in cities like Kyiv.View Entire Post ›

logo.png  By IG  Mar 3, 2022

The Internet’s Response To Ukraine Has Been Peak Cringe

From Zelensky thirst traps to Star Wars memes, the collective obsession with virality has led to some embarrassing and insensitive posts.View Entire Post ›

logo.png  By IG  Mar 1, 2022

These ICE Detainees With High-Risk Medical Conditions Fought For Months To Be Released — And They’re Just The Ones We Know About

“The lack of medical care is leading to some pretty scary situations for people who are detained there for months and months,” one attorney said.View Entire Post ›

logo.png  By IG  Mar 1, 2022

Thousands Of People Protested In Support Of Palestinians In Major Cities Around The World

On Saturday, Israeli airstrikes hit a refugee camp, killing eight children, and a building housing international media.View Entire Post ›

logo.png  By IG  Feb 27, 2022