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The DOJ Is Investigating Americans For War Crimes Allegedly Committed While Fighting With Far-Right Extremists In Ukraine

The probe involves seven men but is centered on former Army soldier Craig Lang, who is separately wanted in connection with a double killing in Florida and is fighting extradition from Kyiv.View Entire Post ›

logo.png  By IG  Feb 23, 2022

BuzzFeed News Has Won Its First Pulitzer Prize

BuzzFeed News won for its innovative series exposing China’s mass detention of Muslims and was named a finalist for its colossal FinCEN Files investigation into the global banking industry.View Entire Post ›

logo.png  By IG  Feb 22, 2022

Trump's State Department Officials Fought Over Whether The Coronavirus Was A Chinese Bioweapon

The department’s former senior official on nonproliferation says he intervened to prevent the US government from “embarrassing and discrediting” itself with claims that lacked strong scientific evidence.View Entire Post ›

logo.png  By IG  Feb 21, 2022

The Nigerian Government Banned Its Citizens From Using Twitter, And The Consequences Are Steep

The ban has been applauded by Donald Trump while young Nigerians are being forced to find ways around the rule at great personal risk.View Entire Post ›

logo.png  By IG  Feb 20, 2022