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A British Newspaper Deleted A Critical Column About Kate Middleton

A Telegraph source denied to BuzzFeed News that the piece had been pulled as a result of pressure from the Palace, but the newspaper declined to comment on the record.View Entire Post ›

logo.png  By IG  Feb 18, 2022

A Scientist Tracked Down Chinese Coronavirus Sequences That Had Disappeared Online

“I think it's certainly consistent with an attempt to hide the sequences,” said the researcher, whose internet sleuthing has uncovered 13 genetic sequences from early in the outbreak in Wuhan, China.View Entire Post ›

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The Wimbledon Crowd Gave A Standing Ovation For A Woman Who Helped Develop A COVID Vaccine

"An opening day on Centre Court with a difference."View Entire Post ›

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Yes, Delta Is Scary, But Europe’s Recent COVID Surges Show That It Can Be Controlled

“The UK and Netherlands should be a counsel against despair,” one expert told BuzzFeed News. “We needn’t be fatalistic about the Delta variant.”View Entire Post ›

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