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The WHO Has Nearly Tripled Its Estimate Of The Pandemic’s Death Toll

The UN’s health agency has embraced statistical methods that put the true toll of the pandemic at around 15 million. Will it shock nations that are denying the severity of COVID-19 into action?View Entire Post ›

logo.png  By IG  May 6, 2022

A Former Marine Was Freed From “Wrongful Detention” In Russia, But Concerns Remain For Brittney Griner And Others

Trevor Reed's release from Russia highlighted concerns over the continued detention of WNBA star Brittney Griner and another former Marine, Paul Whelan.View Entire Post ›

logo.png  By IG  Apr 28, 2022

Inside Worldcoin’s Globe-Spanning, Eyeball-Scanning, Free Crypto Giveaway

The Sam Altman–founded company Worldcoin says it aims to alleviate global poverty, but so far it has angered the very people it claims to be helping.View Entire Post ›

logo.png  By IG  Apr 22, 2022

The UK Was Warned This Counterterrorism Program Was A Disaster — But Rolled It Out Anyway

Revealed: the inside story of how the British government rolled out a dangerously flawed intelligence-sharing system right as the UK suffered one of its deadliest years from terrorism.View Entire Post ›

logo.png  By IG  Apr 13, 2022